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​Michigan is the #1 Cherry Producing Region in the USA

The Traverse Bay Farms region of Michigan grows over 70% of all cherries in the United States. It is nicknamed the "Cherry Capital of the World".

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​​Cherries are Packed Full of Natural Health Benefits
​Did you know cherries are nature's #1 source of naturally occurring Melatonin? In addition, they also  contain powerful anti-inflammatory compounds to reduce joint pain.

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Tasting Cherry 

​Cherries are the perfect tangy-sweet combination. This ruby-red fruit makes a great addition to almost any recipe for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

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Fresh tart cherries

this is ​The recipe for Cherry succeSs

  • ​Grown in the USA
  • Contain high amounts of melatonin, anthocyanins and other high quality and nutritious anti-oxidants.
  • ​Offers condition-specific health benefits including soothing joint pain, aid in the heathly sleep and more.

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This site has really helped me to better understand the health benefits of cherries. I have recommended to my patients to drink cherry juice for arthritis pain and eat the fresh cherries for gout.

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the benefits of “​cherries”

Contains natural antioxidants

​#1 source of natural melatonin

Contains highly ​amounts of anthocyanins to stop joint pain

​Ranks low on the Glycemic index

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